Volta Regional YMCA Prays For Frontline Health Workers And YMCAs Across The World

The Volta Regional Council of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Ghana has offered intercessory prayers on behalf of all frontline health workers and YMCAs across the world as part of the region’s COVID-19 intervention efforts.

The prayers led by the Volta Regional President of the Ghana YMCA, Rev. Eric Gle and the Volta Regional Director of the Ghana YMCA, Mr Matthew Amuzu, called on the GOOD LORD to grant strength, resilience, healing and comfort to frontline health workers who are leading humanity’s fight against COVID-19. The prayers were held on the side-lines of the Right On Film training workshop in the Volta Region, where 20 young filmmakers comprising eight young females and twelve young men are undergoing seven days intensive training in various aspects of filmmaking.

Rev. Eric Gle who led the intercessory prayers for frontline health workers praised the Regional Director and youth volunteers for initiating the prayer session and pledged his unconditional support for subsequent editions.

Volta Regional YMCA President, Rev. Eric Gle leading the intercessory prayers for YMCAs and health

“I am very proud of the Volta Regional Director and YMCA volunteers for coming up with such a brilliant intervention. Even as scientists work to find the vaccine for this deadly virus, we must always seek the face of the LORD to guide them in their work and give them strength to find the cure quickly. I believe this event can be held regularly to build our spirit and intercede on behalf of the world. As Regional President and a pastor, I am ever ready to support in any way I can. Kudos to everyone who helped to make this happen!” Rev Eric stated.

Prayers for YMCA movements, YMCA partners, YMCA staff and volunteers were led by the Regional Director. Mr Amuzu noted that he was touched by the enthusiasm of all the participants who readily accepted to partake in this event. He observed that even though COVID-19 has disrupted the rhythm of our lives, one silver lining of the pandemic has been how humans have come together to show solidarity with each other at all times as we fight to eliminate the virus. He encouraged the participants and everyone to observe the protocols strictly to ensure our collective safety.

“I am very grateful for everyone who showed up to make this happen. It is important to not lose sight of our spiritual duties even if the problem we are facing is a health crisis. Our GOD is a healer who will grant us a remedy in the long run. In the meantime, we must strictly obey all the protocols by wearing our nose masks always, regularly washing our hands under running water, sanitise our hands and maintaining physical distancing when we are among people,” he advised.

The Volta Regional Youth President, Prince Akrompah disclosed that he was proud of the enthusiasm of fellow young people to participate in the event and he felt that through this event, young people were contributing in a small way towards the fight against COVID-19.

“I was really happy that all the young people embraced this event and took it very seriously. As young people, this is the small way we can also contribute to the fight against COVID-19. We must not forget the power of GOD to heal. So, I’m very happy we’ve been able to do that. But praying doesn’t mean we should forget the protocols. We must always wear our masks and sanitise our hands to keep safe,” he stated.

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