From Hobby To Career Path: Esene Shares How The Ghana YMCA Media Hub Brought Her Closer To Her Dreams

Esene Essie Sorkpor is my name. I am 29 years old and a graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). At the time of writing this, I am a National Service personnel serving as an Assistant to the National Programmes Director of the Ghana YMCA. I love to read, swim and I love cameras.  I joined the YMCA through the YMCA in GIJ (Y-GIJ) when I was in school and I had the opportunity to serve as the president of the Y-GIJ from 2018-2019.

As a young lady, I have always tried to find opportunities that could teach me how to use cameras and make the best out of my talent with photography. I participated in the All On Board film training project in 2018 as a trainee. Being a trainee gave me the opportunity to learn camera work and editing. I have always had love for cameras because they capture moments that will always be with us and remind us of the beautiful things that life brings to us. In my quest to attain the best training in journalism, I always thought of blending my love for photography to enrich my profession, but this was all a mirage while I was still in school until I discovered the YMCA and took advantage of one of their training programmes which was a dream come true for me.

Working with the Ghana YMCA has boosted my confidence and made me believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to. The Ghana YMCA creates an environment that allows everyone dream, learn, achieve and become the best version of themselves. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to be who they want to be and to explore their creative juices. I am now a trainer with the Ghana YMCA Media Hub Education Centre where we train young people to also maximize their potentials in the area of filmmaking, giving them the same kind of opportunity I had.

In a couple of years, I see myself working with the BBC or the United Nations (UN) or even DW TV as a journalist. I am really grateful for how much of an impact the Ghana YMCA has made on me. I am well-equipped now to reach my full potential without any excuses thanks to the Ghana YMCA!

Wanna see Esene’s work? She was Assistant Camera for award-winning documentary film, Up in Alms in 2018. She was also the Director of Photography for documentary film, Plasitc Man, in 2019. Both films are Ghana YMCA Media Hub Productions.

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