Greater Accra Regional YMCA

Who we are

Children and youth up to the age of 25 years account for a significant percentage of Greater Accra’s population which makes them a key factor for shaping the future of the region and the country. Without the constructive engagement of these youth, socio-economic development will be hampered and will be difficult for any community to fulfil its potential.

Many young people in the Greater Accra region even in urban and peri-urban areas live in marginalized areas with little or no hope for a meaningful and productive future. Due to these unfavourable life circumstances, these young people tend to show “negative” rather than “productive” behaviour and engage risky behaviours such as violence and crime.

At the same time, youth by their very nature are driven, eager and committed. They have the potential to effect positive change not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others. It is therefore important to engage with them to help unlock their potential and provide an environment that enables them to become leaders of today and tomorrow.

These are the social challenges the YMCA addresses by empowering youth to be civically responsible, economically resilient and agents of social change. We focus on developing the potential of young people. The YMCA provides moral upbringing to children and youth through Bible studies, leadership trainings, games and sports, and all kinds of programme activities that guarantee the wholesome development of mankind.


Membership in our YMCA is an investment. The YMCA of Greater Accra draws its strength from the important role of its members.

Our membership mix reflects the needs and social dynamics of the people. With the establishment of leadership training, youth empowerment and leadership development skills, life skills and livelihood training programs, the interest of students in Junior and Senior High Schools (Hi-Y clubs) and University (Y Clubs) are catered for.

Membership is held in clubs established under branches/ local YMCAs. We have


Operations of the Greater Accra YMCA falls under three categories.

  • Programmes
  • Projects
  • Business


Our programmes are designed to add knowledge, joy, and enrich our members and participants and thereby stimulate their continued participation and involvement.

Some of the programme activities that are undertaken by the YMCA of Greater Accra are:

  • Civic Engagement/Youth Power Space
  • Sports, Health and Recreation
  • Arts and Culture

Civic Engagement/Youth Power Space

YIELD is our flagship civic engagement programme. The acronym is for Youth Initiative for Effective Leadership Development. It is a youth civic education and leadership development initiative in which YMCA, schools and community will involve young people in hands-on learning experience.

YIELD enhances the development of the local governance system by enabling young people to be developed civilly with strong leadership skills through experiential learning. One of the goals is to encourage responsible citizenship by increasing awareness of societal issues and understanding of the processes through which young people can engage duty bearers responsibly. The purpose of YIELD is to inspire young people to develop integrity and social responsibility as they deliberate on issues faced young people, and to accept some responsibility for them as they help to solve these issues.

Key Activities:

  • YMCA innovation hub
  • The mobile civic van
  • Youth Advocacy 
  • Civic Competence and Leadership Training

Sports and Health

The project would seek to undertake key activities ranging from keep fit, gym works, aerobics, table tennis clinic, football, volley ball and basketball with the aim of bringing over several young and old people together daily to exercise and keep fit. This program is necessary for the simple reason that the youth cannot be empowered if they are not healthy. A healthy youth population translates into a wealthy nation! The Ghana YMCA see it imperative to ensure that the youth remain healthy so that the investment of empowerment would yield dividends for a longer period of time.

Objectives of the Sports and Health Program:

  • to build the youth through sports and exercising
  • to encourage the youth to live more healthy lifestyles
  • to discover and empower talents in the games of table tennis, volleyball and basketball
  • To cultivate the culture of personal discipline through sports

Arts and Culture

This project would seek to bring together an audience of art lovers and encourage a discourse on how the various art forms can be used to champion community development. It is also important for the youth to understand the Ghanaian culture and its various traditions so that they can be wholesome representatives of the country.

Objectives of the Arts and Culture Program:

  • To engage the youth through arts forms
  • To discover and empower burgeoning artists
  • To create a platform for frequent display of arts through cultural drumming and dancing/ singing.


The Regional Council of the Greater Accra YMCA in collaboration with some local Associations is engaged in special projects and activities.  Every project undertaken by the Greater Accra YMCA has clearly defined goals and objectives.  

Some of the existing Projects are:

  • Cultural Troupe
  • Hostel and Youth centre, Kpone Bawalashie
  • Multi-purpose Youth Centre, Sebrepor, Tema


The Greater Accra YMCA has a unique partnership with the following international YMCAs:

  • Maritime YMCA, Togo
  • Lagos YMCA, Nigeria
  • Pietermaritzburg YMCA, South Africa

Distribution of Local Branches

  • Accra Central YMCA
  • Mamprobi YMCA
  • Sakaman YMCA
  • TemaYMCA
  • Tema  Harbour City YMCA
  • Prampram YMCA
  • Kpone Bawalashie YMCA
  • Madina YMCA
  • Amasaman YMCA
  • Amormoley YMCA
  • Pokuase YMCA

School Clubs

The YMCA of Greater Accra has established and mentored young people in schools to                   

become better placed in society. Some of these clubs includes:

  • The Y Club of GIJ (Ghana Institute of Journalism)
  • The Hi Y Club of Faith Community Baptist School
  • The Hi Y Club of Kwashieman Anglican School


Regional Patron                                Seth Quaye

Regional President                          Nana Odeneho Kwame Amponsah

Regional Vice President                 Robert Nartey

Hon. Treasurer                                  Ernest Kofi Amoah

Youth Chairman                               David Boyan

Women Chairperson                      Agnes Abefe

Regional Director                             Reginald Ffoulkes Crabbe