Ghana YMCA Has Given Me A Family I Can Rely On Forever – Nuhu

My name is Nuhu Hakeem; I am a social worker and the Communications Director of Mother of all Nations Foundation, a youth-led NGO which is committed to transforming the lives of young people. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Change Communication from the University for Development Studies where I graduated in 2018.

My passion for filmmaking started in my University days where I had the opportunity to learn courses like Videography, fundamentals of video arts, and documentary production albeit they were mostly theoretical. I always thought of how one day I can use film to tell the story of vulnerable groups from an unknown and creative point of view.

I and other friends on campus shot a film series in 2017, chapters. I played the role of a character in the story. However due to lack of sponsors, the film never aired.

I fell in love with YMCA when I happened to be given a free DVD when I came to the Ghana Tech Summit last year. Almost all the films on the DVD were interesting and educative. So, from there I started following their activities on Facebook. I enrolled in their virtual film class during the lockdown. Later we had the announcement that there will be an onsite film training coming off. So, I immediately signed up and the rest was history.

Nuhu Hakeem at the Accra Right On filmmaking workshop

My plans for filmmaking prior to the workshop was to be able to master the art of documentary production. I and the research department of the organisation I am with are working on a study about COVID-19 and its impact on children’s education. We decided, as part of the data collection tool, we want to tell the story of a child who has been negatively affected by the pandemic through the film medium.

I have learnt to appreciate the power of teamwork; having more than one person working on a project is more fruitful and successful than doing it alone. Diversity is very imperative in filmmaking especially. I have also learnt about how to set agenda through filmmaking. One of the key things I also had from the training is the Non-violent communication; this allows people from diverse backgrounds work together in harmony to ensure success. Aside the things I learned from the training, I met wonderful people who in their own right are trying to change the narrative of filmmaking in the country. I also now have genuine people I can rely on forever.

Initially I thought filmmaking was easy, but now I appreciate the efforts filmmakers put in to ensure we are educated, informed, and entertained. I have decided to work with some of the trainees and trainers after the Right On Workshop.

YMCA/WELTFILME can develop a space where young and enthusiastic filmmakers like myself can share their ideas and experience among themselves.

First and foremost, I am grateful to the Almighty for making me a part of the Ghana YMCA/Weltfilme workshop. Secondly to the abled and down to earth facilitators: Mr. Goddy, Mr. Nkrumah, Mr. Mankata, Mr. Shakiru, Mr. Asare, and the rest of the YMCA family. I am forever indebted to them for making me benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Meda moase! Akpena! Oyiwalador! Vielin Danke!

Nuhu Hakeem,
Participant, Right On Film Training workshop (Accra)


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