Resilient Vocational Training at the Takoradi YMCA Centre
Principal of YMCA Vocational Centre, Madam Emelia Chobbah

Like all YMCAs across the world who have been badly affected by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, the Ghana YMCA has taken steps to continue serving young people safely but effectively. In the midst of all the obvious challenges as a result of the pandemic, the Takoradi YMCA Vocational Training Centre still perseveres to deliver quality vocational training to young people especially girls in cookery and fashion design technology. 

Between 24th and 28th August 2020, 20 young girls from the training centre undertook their final practical examination for the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) proficiency certification.

With support from partners and the National Council, the training Centre still runs under necessary protocols to ensure that these young girls thrive in their pursuit of acquiring livelihood skills for the immediate future.

The Principal of the centre, Madam Emelia Chobbah disclosed that it has been a challenging time ensuring academic work while adhering to the COVID-19 preventive protocols.

“It was very difficult to manage the situation because Vocational Education is more of practicals where you need to demonstrate. Where you should also observe social distance, so the only means to make the practical demonstration meaningful is to enforce the wearing of the nose mask. Again, this is the first-time students have encountered the wearing of nose mask, so it was a problem which poses danger on the teachers and among themselves. It was important for them to come and continue because Vocational Education is practical Oriented base, it is believed that you read and understand but constant practice makes you skillful and competent.

Madam Chobbah was however quick to add that despite the challenges the centre was still committed to ensuring that students receive their education with as little disruption as possible.

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