Ghana YMCA Technical and Vocational Training Centres

Ghana YMCA operates three training institutions in Accra, Takoradi in the Western Region and Apedwa in the Eastern Region.

The Technical Training Centre in Accra is the first school established over 50 years ago in Accra.

The Ghana YMCA Technical Training Centre offers skills training to Ghanaian Youth who did not further their education to the Senior High School, but instead want to acquire technical skills. Preferably skills which lead to self-employment are what they offer as an institution as well.It offers Wood Technology, Building and Construction, Electrical Wiring and Architectural Draftsmanship.

Vocational Training Institute Takoradi

The school in Takoradi is all female.The Institute offers courses in Dressmaking, Tailoring, Cookery, Batik Tie Dye and Cake Decoration

The duration of all courses is 3 years with an additional 1 year for all who seek to have GES Certificate II. Cake Decoration and Batik Tie Dye are six months on a strict proficiency level.

The number of trainees for the first half of 2017 was 85.

As a requirement of the National VTI, trainees after their three years of practical training would be attached to an industry to have hands-on practical experience for the period of 12weeks. Therefore, the institute has liaised with some industries within the metropolis and beyond to place students in their catering or dress making departments for the students to undertake this special program in their companies. Follow ups made on our trainees placed in these industries prove that attaches from the YMCA Vocational Training Institute are always the best and that the department heads of these industries do give them high recommendations.









Apedwa School

The school in Apedwa in the recent past was faced with managerial problems. Frantic efforts are in place to reorganize the school.