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  • June 18, 2018

Youth in Transition

Ashanti/Brong Ahafo Region


As part of our Power Space programs, the Youth in Transition was introduced by the YMCA (Ashanti, Brong Ahafo) to directly engage the youth in translating their visions into reality, was successfully rolled out over the week. The program brought together members of the YMCA who has directly been transformed by the YMCA to motivate the youth about the many possibilities in the outside world if they remain focused and determined in life. The Youth in Transition partners Equip Hub (Mentorship Training), Ahofa House (Vocational Training) and other individuals with skills that fall in the interest of the youth in the community.

Mr Gabriel Ofori Appiah, the Regional Director explained the concept behind the project as providing vocational skills, Information Technology skills and any other skills for the youth in the community. The program does not only help provide the youth with skills but to also prepare them emotionally and psychologically for the outside world. He explained the challenges that have plagued the country with unemployment putting a demand on the youth to engage in all kinds of social vices in the country. Hence the Youth in Transition has a central aim to help the youth identify their passion in life, even as they are provided with the necessary guidelines to achieve those dreams.

Dr. Afua Danso of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi in a bid to encourage the youth explained how she overcame the many challenges she faced through school to becoming a medical practitioner. She encouraged the youth to be proactive and not to underestimate their capabilities in life as everything you dream of can be achieved. She posed the challenge to the youth to learn a skill in addition to whatever career they choose. From a humble beginning, she had to go through the changing scenes of life, from selling sachet water on the roadside, through to the vocational skills she acquired to finally becoming a medical doctor at the KATH.


There were a number of persons who gave a talk at the programs held both in Kumasi and Konongo, challenging the youth to believe in their own ideas and dream; pursuing them with faith. They encouraged the youth to embrace the Youth in Transition idea and also be themselves change agents in the community they find themselves.

Due to the programme the Ashanti/Brong Ahafo Regional Director for Ghana YMCA, Mr. Gabriel Ofori Appiah has organized a day presentation on internet illiteracy for the students of Komfo Anokye Nursing Training on 16th and 17th of June 2018.

On the first day, Mr. Appiah spoke to the students. His purpose for the lecture was to alert students on the use of the internet. He explained that the internet can be used for several things like research, sharing of pictures, watching of videos, liking, commenting on issues posted online, chatting with friends. On the other hand, he cautioned them about the negative side of the internet.

His advice to the students was to be careful about cyber crime, cyber bullying, fraud, cybersex and many others issues. He cautioned that they had to be careful about how they use the internet, otherwise they might be engaged in the negative use of it, which will tarnish their image hence they will lose self respect on the internet and the society as well.

He also urged them to be mindful of how they work and work whole heartedly. He urged them to completely avoid the use of phone during working hours, so that they can pay attention to their patients.

On the following day the Youth in Transition programme focused on how the students can make beads to generate some income to finance their further studies.



On the 19th and 20th June they launch a cooperative programme      with the GIZ Ghanaian German Centre on Migration, Jobs and Returnees in Kumasi unde the umbrella of Youth in Transition.




Western Region, Takoradi

Youth in Transition; J.H.S Thanksgiving Worship and Praise Experience @ YMCA Centre in Takoradi

On 9th June 2018, YMCA Ghana, Western Region, hosted a thanksgiving worship and praise event for Junior High School leavers in Takoradi. It was an amazing experience as over 200 young people transitioning from the Junior High level of education filled the YMCA hall for this gospel musical experience with talented local youth singers from some of the local YMCAs and local churches.

The Acting Western Regional Director who is also a Change Agent of the Ghana YMCA together with his team of young YMCA volunteers shared with the young people at the event how they can develop their minds, bodies and spirits during this transitioning period by engaging in the various youth programs and projects that the YMCA has to offer in the Western Region and across the nation through the YMCA youth power spaces.

The centre that day was filled with so much energy and excitement and celebration as these Junior High School graduates danced and sung their grateful hearts out for their transitioning from that level of their education with so much hope for what comes next knowing that the YMCA is there to empower them through every stage of their youthful lives.