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YMCA - Empowering young people for the African Renaissance.
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Ghana YMCA collaborated with Global Communities

Ghana YMCA collaborated with Global Communities (http://www.globalcommuinities.org/) on the Youth Inclusive Entrepreneurial Development Initiative for Employment (YIEDIE) project, which came to an end as trainees graduated on the 1st December, 2016 at the YMCA forecourt. The youth who were selected underwent their training session from June 2016 to November 2016. YMCA mobilized a total of

Ghana YMCA Hostel/Guest House Welcomes you

The Ghana YMCA Hostel/Guest House in Accra is one of the easiest places to locate in the city. Built on a vast 8.2 acre-land space, it is conveniently situated in the heart of the city, and is approximately about 20 minutes’ drive from the airport and far less from all the major bus terminals in