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YMCA - Empowering young people for the African Renaissance.

Sensitizing Young People on the dangers of illicit drug use

Make Health Your “New High” in Life Not Drugs The Ghana YMCA collaborates with the Narcotics Control Board to reach out to five hundred (500) young people in the Eastern region of Ghana. The schools engaged include Presbyterian, Catholic, Salvation Army and Methodist schools in Asiakwa. YMCA promises to engage more young people including in

Open Day Exhibition at the YMCA Centre in Takoradi

  The YMCA Vocational Training Centre in the Western Region held their annual Open Day Exhibition program this year on 27th June, 2019. This program since 2017 is held at the YMCA Centre to allow stakeholders and immediate community members to experience and interact with graduating trainees as they display the results (outcomes) of the

Make A Difference

Train the Trainers for the Trainees The third Mediaproject in cooperation with weltfilme.org has started on June 5th, 2019 at YMCA, Adabraka.

Happy Birthday YMCA

Happy 175th birthday YMCA 🎂 The YMCA was founded in on 6 June, 1844 during the Industrial Revolution in England, a time of great despair and poverty. George Williams, a truly inspired 22 year old, decided that something had to be done. He gathered together a few friends to form a society that met regularly


YMCA Western Region 175 minutes of community Service in the West Coasts The Western Region of YMCA also joined the YMCA Worldchallenge of volunteering 175 minutes to serve a community need, as 40 vibrant youth volunteers from Sekondi, Takoradi and Tanokrom came together to undertake a cleanup exercise along the coasts of Sekondi, all the


Racial discrimination still has not been banished to the history books. This various forms of exclusion and intolerance continue to manifest itself on the sport field, in the media, on the streets, at workplaces, at churches and even in the corridors of powers.   This day has been commemorated by people worldwide on annual basis to

Media Education Hub Centre

Today, March 19th, 2019 the Kick-Off Conference for a Media Hub Education Center came up in Accra. The opening was hold by the Executive Director of Ghana YMCA, the Deputy Minister of Education and the Deputy Ambassador of the German Embassy followed by a delegate of UNFPA and GRA, as well as some greetings from

All Women’s Council in Takoradi

It’s international Women’s Day today!! #balancForBetter This week an All Women’s Council was held at the Takoradi YMCA center. The main focus of the council was to ponder on this year’s theme for the international women’s day and then strategize of what activities can be undertaken at the YMCA center in Takoradi to build and