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This year’s Easter celebrations would be one that would be forever remembered in the annals of Christian history.  This is so because it would be celebrated amidst the dreaded pandemic COVID-19.  Even so, we can make the best out of this celebration with the hope that this shall also pass.

The significance of Easter celebrations marks the core foundation of Christian belief and faith.  In this critical moments the YMCA wishes to encourage all that, the focus should be on the character of Our Lord Jesus Christ to whom through His humility, obedience and love brought redemption to humanity.  We can  emulate these values by being each other’s keeper in this trying times, sharing what we are privileged to have with the less privileged and obeying rules and regulations set by the central government to help curb the spread of the dreaded “COVID 19”.

Let us all hope that the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus would bring newness to our souls, bodies and minds and with all humility seek the mercies of God to heal the world.  As we celebrate this significant season in our various homes, we are admonished to eat healthy and most importantly “STAY AT HOME”.

The Ghana YMCA wishes all Christians a happy Easter in the hope that “THIS SHALL ALSO PASS”.

Happy Easter!



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