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YMCA Western Region
175 minutes of community Service in the West Coasts

The Western Region of YMCA also joined the YMCA Worldchallenge of volunteering 175 minutes to serve a community need, as 40 vibrant youth volunteers from Sekondi, Takoradi and Tanokrom came together to undertake a cleanup exercise along the coasts of Sekondi, all the while advocating against open defecation.

The exercise started from the European town through to Bakaano as the young YMCA volunteers, staff and officers of the Western Region YMCA cleaned up and sensitized the community on the need to keep the environment clean and to stop open defecation. They shared flyers and stickers as well as used a megaphone to pass on the word.

The team then moved to Essei Beach where they cleared the beach of all plastic wastes, giving the beach a clean appeal for the locals and all who take pleasure in spending time there.

For the young volunteers who participated, it was more than just volunteering to serve the community but a celebration of 175 years of shaping young lives and letting the community know that the spirit and joy of volunteerism lives on with the YMCA.

Antwi Nana Peperah

Start: 8.30am

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