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Racial discrimination still has not been banished to the history books. This various forms of exclusion and intolerance continue to manifest itself on the sport field, in the media, on the streets, at workplaces, at churches and even in the corridors of powers.   This day has been commemorated by people worldwide on annual basis to remember all those people who have lost their lives in opposing the apartheid regime as well as demanding the equal human rights in South Africa.


It also aims at reminding people of racial discrimination’s native consequences. It encourages people to remember their obligation and determination to combat racial discrimination.   We give racism a little thought as it rarely affects the urbaner but the truth is that this hideous criminal feeling towards others that inspires hatred within us is hindering progress of millions of people around the world.


The struggle against racism is a matter of priority, not just within communities, districts, states or countries but at the international global community level, and it is not just the work of the office of the High Commissioners of human Rights but the responsibilities of each individual to take it up as a personal goal through education which teaches that no person is worth less than another and that diversity is an assets which we must respect, every person is entitled to human right without discrimination.


States are urged to take comprehensive measures to fight racism, racial discrimination and related intolerance.

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