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„Raise the Voices of young people against corruption in Africa”


This morning students of the YMCA Technical Training Centre (TTC)  shared their ideas about what corruption entailed, its prevalence and measures needed to mitigate all  acts of corruption.
In commemoration of the Africa Youth Day,  Mr. Samuel Asamoah, Programmes Director at the National Office , Sarah Heinlin, Communication Director and  George Dela Coffie, National Youth President of Ghana YMCA, held an interactive session on corruption with the students.
Under the theme: Raise the voices of young people against corruption in Africa, students at the the training center had the opportunity to  share experiences and observations on daily acts of corruption in Ghana.
Some students shared their  experiences about the prevalence of corruption in police controls, ministries and
at some schools. The recent exclusion of the Ghana Delegate to the FIFA became a point of reference by the students.
The students were called upon to avoid all acts of corruption whether in their homes or in the offices. Noting with regret the cancer of corruption, Mr Asamoah,on behalf of the Executive Director of YMCA Ghana, Mr Kwabena Nketia, called on the students and the youth of Ghana to think about their personal contribution to avoiding all acts of corruption in the country.
The students were charged to report to the police acts of bribery and never be involved in any payment of bribe or be involved in any form of corruption whether petty, administrative, corporate or political.

Undoubtedly, the youth are important human capital with the potential to contribute immensely to national development. They constitute a significant portion of Ghana’s population and must be duly recognized as key partners of development.

In recognition to this, the Management and Board of YMCA Ghana express its sincere greetings and appreciation to the African Youth on the occasion of the Africa Youth Day.

November 1st   is proclaimed and instituted as ‘The Africa Youth Day.’ This day is set aside every year to promote the increased recognition of youth as key agents for social change, economic growth and sustainable development in all areas of African society. It is an occasion to celebrate the youth on the continent, opportunity to contribute and channel youth motivation, energy and creativity towards political, social and economic renewal.

Today´s event offers the opportunity for young people to contribute and channel their voices, energy and idealism to reinforce the efforts towards the achievement of sustainable development in Africa.

Recognizing this special day and the immense contribution of the African Youth, the YMCA Ghana in collaboration with Africa Alliance of YMCAs set the platform to „Raise the Voices of young people against Corruption in Africa”


The theme attempts to create safe spaces for young people to raise their voices against corruption and forge common solution to mitigate acts of corruption not only in Ghana but in the entire African continent.

YMCA Ghana and the Africa Alliance will be looking up to the different strategies that the Ghanaian youth brings on board to mitigating  grand, political, corporate and petty corruption in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

God bless you all,

 Mr. Kwabena Nketia Addae

Executeive Director, YMCA Ghana


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