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National Youth Conference of Ghana YMCA

Message from the Ghana YMCA Youth President Joel Nii Arthur

Hope your prayers will be with Ghana 🇬🇭

YMCA as we start our National Youth Conference today 8th-12th August on the theme; Creating Safe and Power Spaces for Young People. #YouthEmpowerment4Good#.

The program is being hosted at one of our serene region thus, Koforidua in the Eastern Region and we are expecting over 100s of young participants across the nation and beyond. Participants will be taking through workshop topics that will make them feel secure and belong, empowered, transformed and responsible, connected and networked, United and strive for excellence as well as take advantage of opportunities.

Participants will also make a trip to the great nature of the umbrella rock and waterfalls in Boti. There will also be a “bragging right” games among the regions which will be characterized by a football curtain raiser between *Team National Youth President* vrs. *Team Executive Director*. The opening ceremony will also be graced by The Deputy Minister for Youth & Sports and the Regional Minister as well as some other dignitaries of state and our cherished YMCA leaders and other civil societies. The Almighty Inter-Regional Bible Quiz which comprises of bible scriptures, current affairs and issues about the YMCA will feature. It is also important to note that this year is also an Election Year and unfortunately & fortunately will mark my end as the National Youth President.

Participants will also be given the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills in an afternoon variety show. And key among this conference is that participants will be presented with the findings of the constitutional review works to which they can make inputs. Participants will climax this conference with an awesome church service with a local church to give thanks to the Almighty God and also “sell” the YMCA more to the community.

We sincerely employ all for your support and prayers as we empower young people for Good.
*Wish all travelers safe journey to the rich city of Koforidua and don’t forget, the weather has set itself for a great conference already.

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